December Trot to Taipei (First Day Beitou Hot Spring and Tamsui Old Street)

We chose Taipei this year because the hubs wanted to eat eat and eat! What better place than the country famous for their night markets?

And so using the exclusive Search engine Hubs have as a member of WV, we booked 2 Eva Air Tix at a ridiculous fab price for Xmas Eve 2016.

We do love our Changi Airport! Here’s the beautiful butterfly garden!


The garden smells really sweet courtesy of the flowers and pineapples!


Er I can imagine this breed of flowers were planted for this breed of butterflies!??


My iphone Cam will suffice!


I can only think of Pokemons! The one that Team Rocket possessed which always try to ingest them! Pardon my ignorancy and I could care less about the name.


Aboard the plane! Was assigned the  front seats with plenty of leg space! Am a happy traveling couple! Not our first trip to Taiwan and definitely not the last! Woots


Lunch provided, twas way over lunch time and I was complaining of hunger.. Those who know me knows I can never handle hunger! Will tsao tsao ngiam till I was fed! Hahahaa I guess Alice know me gao gao liao! Thankfully, the crew gave us snacks before meals were served.


Mixed nuts and crunches and I love it!


img_0038Forgot whose liao, mine or hubs? probably hub’s! That pudding was mouthmeltingly good!

Ubered to our Hot Spring hotel Shan-yue Hot spring hotel! Link here for you!

Was a little old and quaint, good enough taste for both of us!

We decided to soak after dinner instead so off we went to Tamsui Old Street via Uber again! We were tired ah! hahahaha

Tamsui is chock full of yummy delicious street food and whatsnot! Was already night time so most of their shops were closed! We satisfied ourselves with the street food and people watching! The older Obaa-sans and Oji-sans were speaking Min-Nan language, an old local language extremely similar to hokkien! I was able to understand most of them which is good because I had to come to speak in the next few days.

Here’s a few photos of the hubs with his precious street food! No or minimal photos of me till hubs learn to take decent photos of me… tsk..


He loves the fried Codfish balls! Real crunch and yums! Bought from this roadside Oba-san!

Gigan Fried Squid with basil!

Rare pic of me with candied cherry tomatoes and preserved plums! (冰糖葫芦)

Oh oh oh!!! Don’t ever ever forget the delicious sausage! I love Taiwan Sausages! Ahahhaha

Diced fire grilled beef cubes!

Plum juice, One of Tamsui’s favorite drink!

Tall ice cream tower! Check out the unglamness of eating it!

Hubs will kill me for this.


Resting with fried sotong legs, diced fire roasted Beefs (Shai niu) some sour plum juice!



Decided to take the MRT back and we bought their version of Ezlink called the EASY card 悠游卡! I chose One piece Boa Hancock design which cost me about 10 SGD and hubs went and bought that Easy charm which cost double of mine and have the same value… >_>


Xinbeitou special onsen train! The hubs loves it!



Check out the stuffs we bought at Tamsui lol!

Stay tuned for the next day!






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