Continue down Pingxi Line- Jing Tong

We continue down Pingxi Line and contemplated that we only have enough time for 2 more stops before shops started to close. They close early as it was Dec winter time and daylight wane real early. We decided to go on to the stops we did not get a chance to, the last time we came. We got off at the last stop Jing Tong (菁桐).

Right in front of the train station..
25KM to Shifen (十分) and 0km to Bliss (幸福) according to the signs of the building.

I do love old streets, though this street was already flooding with tourists.. Ahem I was one of them. I love the old buildings, the overflowing wish bamboos hung all over the street, the friendly storekeepers, the street food seller. I love them, not something you can see in Singapore much. The rustic feel of the place makes for photographic background! BTW all the photos were taken with my iPhone, I was really reluctant to lug around even my 4/3 camera. We wanted to immerse ourselves in the experience and not be bogged down my bulky items.

Beautiful evergreen covered building with the wish bamboos again!

Sitting on the railway track for a photo. Quite dangerous I must say, which I will explain.

There were a lot of people at the railway track all taking selfies, wefies and whats not. A family of 4, parents with their young son and daughter were also busy taking photos when the sound for incoming train sounded. All the people scrambled to the platform which was quite high for the young children. Seeing the train approaching, I reach out to help the little girl up the platform as the mother helped her son and called for her husband. A few seconds in which the train arrived at the station. They thanked me and look flustered. I held my tongue, was not going to tell them  my heart almost stopped.. Geez

Cute little direction post pointing you to the right direction yo!

Spotted a lone rustic building across the station!

Doesn’t this street looks like something out of spirited as well or some fairy tale?

It was starting to get dark, and we were getting hungry. Our mission was to find food but we keep getting distracted!

Check out this Beauty and Beast cafe with their display, sadly it was closed already T_T

This picture was really random ahahahaha! As you can see though, most of the shops were closed or closing already.. I do wonder though, where were the dude rushing to..

Somehow, we came across the bridge, the memory got hazy though..

And look we got food! Simple but delicious fare! Braised meat rice (Hub’s fav) and golden needle flower soup or something! I love that soup! Light with a gentle fragrance!

Back to our Bnb at Jiufen and it was already pitch dark. The view from our airbnb balcony. Twas winter and the night feels really cool and dreamy. Felt so happy to be away from Singapore hustle and bustle once in a while. I still love you a lot Singapore!! ❤

Another picture, you can see the sea far off. Good night good people~

Will write about Jiufen (九份) and Jinguashi (金瓜石)in the next post. And maybe more since my kuku husband just gave me the photos he took in his phone.. *grumbles*

Update on my fitness spree (not an ad)

I am ridiculously busy!!! With all the upcoming camps and trainings and preps and whatsnot.. I took to exercise for destressing instead of food bingeing.

I went on hiatus from class booking last week when I had to go Penang for Work training. So far before I went, just that week in which I started on my guavapass exercising, I lost 1.5 kg but sadly I gained it back in having all the temptation of Penang delicacies.


Really, have you tried their Char Kway Teow and Or Jian (oyster omelet) MIND BLOWING..


So far before I left for Penang, I went to Back to Basics Yoga at Yoco Loft on top of Interval circuits at Extreme Fitness. Yoco loft was along the stretch of my work place, timing perfect and Instructor Midah is one of the most humble and sincere instructor I have ever met! Sadly the second time I booked, there was no teacher there due to their schedule mixed up =(.

I took my first class in Aqua Signature and I looooove it!!!

  1. Its spinning in the water!
  2. I do love cycling!
  3. Instructors were upbeat, fun and joyful!
  4. Pregnant ladies also can take this class! A few of my classmates from my second booking are pregnant! Apparently it ease the extra weight and easy on the mothers.
  5. Easy on the joints due to the water or sth.
  6. Burns triple the calories!


Swingwerkz yoga was ok, was attracted to the swings when I first book. Sadly I booked swingwerks which is for intermediate learners and not for a newbie like me.. =( I struggled badly with this class. Instructor recommended me Swingrev for beginners which I have not tried out yet.

Now Mixed Martial arts by Impact MMA was REALLY FUN!!! I am so looking forward to my next class! They offer free trial class which I managed to convince my hubs to go with me on the coming one! Ahahahah!

When I first saw the studio, I was like “OH GOSH! SO SCARY!!  But luckily the instructor was nice and patient and not scary at all! There was another new girl so I partnered her! We had fun grasping and tumbling with each other.

Determined to try out the different variety of classes they offered! Can’t wait to book dance class, cable skiing, Bounce and the different kind of martial arts class!

 My GuavaPass coupon code  CandyLovesGuava18333 for 40sgd off! 

In case you need! *wink*

Have classes to recommend? Do comment!



Journey down the Pingxi Line

Continuing our journey~ you can read part 1 and part 2 here!

So after we dropped our barangs at the bnb, we started out Pingxi Line adventure! Lol.

Our first stop is Hou Tong, the station famous for its Cats residency. We were however disappointed, we only spotted 8 cats all around. I wonder what happened to the rest…

We managed to spend that hour amusing ourselves, taking photos of the sadly jaded cats… 没有看过猫么? All the tourists, us included, were giving the cats unwanted attention.. really~~ -_-”

An Obasan was getting attention as well parading her fat beautiful cat!


Went into a quaint little souvenir store and this handsome posed for me!

A charcoal sheltering from the sun.

He or she.. or whatever snoozing comfortably despite all the noises from the tourists.. me included..

Another one snoozing comfortably.

So we amused ourselves! I made my hubs stand under the huge cat bell! Took pics then other tourists start to follow suit. Ahaha

Hubs needed a rest. Just too hot a day.

Bought some souvenirs for my cat crazy sister Mabel!

First gym session using GuavaPass~

When was the last time I exercise!?????? Almost ten years ago!!! Need to shed the extra kilos yo!

So as recommended by my good Friend Fleurbaby, I signed up for GuavaPass… my referral coupon code if you please~

(will get you $40 off your first bill) CandyLovesGuava18333

For some reason, the first class I chose was some fitness circuit interval training at Extreme Fitness West Coast… was the only student who booked that late class slot!!! So turns out I have a personal trainer for that hour… I NEARLY DIED!!! 

I preempt my trainer Stanley it’s been a reallllllll looong time since I had any form of damn exercise! He was really humorous and encouraging though, trying to push at my limits which is really not much at all to be honest. 

Half an hour into it, I was already lolling and rolling off the yoga mat and bargaining with my trainer… 

Planks in progress- supposedly 1 minute~ 

Candy: Huh!!!?? 1 minute ah! 30 secs can!? I can barely feel my legs already!!

Trainer S- ok can

In the end never even lasted 20 seconds!

The most Jialat student ever…

Alright, that’s the first experience~ updates on further bookings… 

A soak with Obasan and transitting to Jiufen

Hubs and I Woke up super early like 6+ am (Blame the body clock), went down to the reception of Shan-Yue HotSpring Hotel to request a soak in the Public Onsen. Opens at 7am, so we lounge around a while till 7am.

Bid our temp farewell with a cheeky “don’t start comparing your ding dongs with others ah” and proceeded respectively to our 男汤 and 女汤. Not allowed to take pics inside (duh!). Stole some pics from google!

Pic on the right features the changing room where we stripped down. Pic on the right is the public pool!

Showered before going in in order not to contaminate the baths, basic courtesy and expected of you. I actually went into the indoor one when an obasan who apparently frequents there beckons to me to go through a door and out in the open air bath as featured on the left pic. The temperature is hotter than the indoor bath and took me some squirmish time to get myself completely submerged with encouragement from the obasan! The people there are really so nice T_T.

Met up with hubs who was already done with his soak and he had similar experience with an ojisan lol. He actually wondering where all the ojisans disappeared to and noticed they went through a door that leads towards the public onsen.

Had a simple breakfast in the hotel and proceeded to transit to jiufen via train. Was really glad we prebooked the train tix!

Bought Bentos for our short trip!

img_0068Happy Hubs!


Do Book your tickets in advance!

img_0069Hubs’s pork chop rice which I liked more than my own bento…

img_0070My chicken chop rice which hubs liked more than his own.. Swopped bentos…

Reached Ruifang in a jiffy and took a cab up to Jiufen while enjoying the scenery all the way up!



Walking towards our bnb and hubs caught sight of the dog! He just had to take a picture of the dog… zzz


Enjoyed the short walk to the bnb called 九份啊嬤的家!


The top entrance to the abode! Almost right at the doorsteps of Jiufen old street! It was winter there.. check out my hub’s T-shirt, jeans and slippers… tsk tsk

Dumped our barangs and we head out again to Ruifang to catch the Pingxi Line! Interestingly the train arrives at interval of an hour and at every stops. enabling visitors to enjoy an hour at each station before moving on to the next. You can purchase the pingxi line ticket which covers all the stops. We missed the train by ten minutes! Walked around while waiting for the next train!



Ruifang feels like really grandmaish!




I apologize for the photo quality as I’m just too lazy to edit them~~ lazy


We found gachapon machines outside their convenience store!