First gym session using GuavaPass~

When was the last time I exercise!?????? Almost ten years ago!!! Need to shed the extra kilos yo!

So as recommended by my good Friend Fleurbaby, I signed up for GuavaPass… my referral coupon code if you please~

(will get you $40 off your first bill) CandyLovesGuava18333

For some reason, the first class I chose was some fitness circuit interval training at Extreme Fitness West Coast… was the only student who booked that late class slot!!! So turns out I have a personal trainer for that hour… I NEARLY DIED!!! 

I preempt my trainer Stanley it’s been a reallllllll looong time since I had any form of damn exercise! He was really humorous and encouraging though, trying to push at my limits which is really not much at all to be honest. 

Half an hour into it, I was already lolling and rolling off the yoga mat and bargaining with my trainer… 

Planks in progress- supposedly 1 minute~ 

Candy: Huh!!!?? 1 minute ah! 30 secs can!? I can barely feel my legs already!!

Trainer S- ok can

In the end never even lasted 20 seconds!

The most Jialat student ever…

Alright, that’s the first experience~ updates on further bookings… 

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