Journey down the Pingxi Line

Continuing our journey~ you can read part 1 and part 2 here!

So after we dropped our barangs at the bnb, we started out Pingxi Line adventure! Lol.

Our first stop is Hou Tong, the station famous for its Cats residency. We were however disappointed, we only spotted 8 cats all around. I wonder what happened to the rest…

We managed to spend that hour amusing ourselves, taking photos of the sadly jaded cats… 没有看过猫么? All the tourists, us included, were giving the cats unwanted attention.. really~~ -_-”

An Obasan was getting attention as well parading her fat beautiful cat!


Went into a quaint little souvenir store and this handsome posed for me!

A charcoal sheltering from the sun.

He or she.. or whatever snoozing comfortably despite all the noises from the tourists.. me included..

Another one snoozing comfortably.

So we amused ourselves! I made my hubs stand under the huge cat bell! Took pics then other tourists start to follow suit. Ahaha

Hubs needed a rest. Just too hot a day.

Bought some souvenirs for my cat crazy sister Mabel!

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