Update on my fitness spree (not an ad)

I am ridiculously busy!!! With all the upcoming camps and trainings and preps and whatsnot.. I took to exercise for destressing instead of food bingeing.

I went on hiatus from class booking last week when I had to go Penang for Work training. So far before I went, just that week in which I started on my guavapass exercising, I lost 1.5 kg but sadly I gained it back in having all the temptation of Penang delicacies.


Really, have you tried their Char Kway Teow and Or Jian (oyster omelet) MIND BLOWING..


So far before I left for Penang, I went to Back to Basics Yoga at Yoco Loft on top of Interval circuits at Extreme Fitness. Yoco loft was along the stretch of my work place, timing perfect and Instructor Midah is one of the most humble and sincere instructor I have ever met! Sadly the second time I booked, there was no teacher there due to their schedule mixed up =(.

I took my first class in Aqua Signature and I looooove it!!!

  1. Its spinning in the water!
  2. I do love cycling!
  3. Instructors were upbeat, fun and joyful!
  4. Pregnant ladies also can take this class! A few of my classmates from my second booking are pregnant! Apparently it ease the extra weight and easy on the mothers.
  5. Easy on the joints due to the water or sth.
  6. Burns triple the calories!


Swingwerkz yoga was ok, was attracted to the swings when I first book. Sadly I booked swingwerks which is for intermediate learners and not for a newbie like me.. =( I struggled badly with this class. Instructor recommended me Swingrev for beginners which I have not tried out yet.

Now Mixed Martial arts by Impact MMA was REALLY FUN!!! I am so looking forward to my next class! They offer free trial class which I managed to convince my hubs to go with me on the coming one! Ahahahah!

When I first saw the studio, I was like “OH GOSH! SO SCARY!!  But luckily the instructor was nice and patient and not scary at all! There was another new girl so I partnered her! We had fun grasping and tumbling with each other.

Determined to try out the different variety of classes they offered! Can’t wait to book dance class, cable skiing, Bounce and the different kind of martial arts class!

 My GuavaPass coupon code  CandyLovesGuava18333 for 40sgd off! 

In case you need! *wink*

Have classes to recommend? Do comment!



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