Taipei Main and Double Back to Miaokou Night Market

In the midst of shivering in the heavy rain early in the morning, we made our way out of the Jiufen bnb and lugged our luggage to find a cab to bring us down to Ruifang Station. There was no cab and a kind uncle took pity of us and point us to the bus station. We took the bus down to Ruifang.

While waiting at the station, guess who! The Obasan whom “ordered” my husband to carry her barrel of water to her place was there at the station! She obviously forgot who we are.

Candy: Ah Ma! Li ho bo!? (Grandma, how are you?)

Obasan: Huh? Huh? Li xi siang ah? (Huh who are you)

Candy: Wa eh ang ga li ya zhui eh ah! ( My hubs helped you with the water barrel before ah)

Obasan: Orh! Si li ah, Wa eh kia gong wa gong beh cha! (My son said I was lying)

Candy: ????????????

Apparently she told her son about us and her son told her to not lie about this. Sweatdrop..

We boarded the train and made our way to Main station. The bnb was 8 minutes walk through the underground malls. It was too early and the shops were all closed, we had a dreary walk.

Thankfully the bnb was clean and cozy.

The owner provides free face masks!

Twas too early to go Miaokou, had a short nap and make our way to Guanghua Mall to get 杨丽花 operas for my dad. Hahahahhaha sadly, did not find many. Came across quite a lot of porno shops though… sweat drop..

We saw a dvd shop, wanted to go in but then.. the walls were plastered with AV posters.

And we made our way to Keelung Miaokou Nightmarket. We stopped by 红豆屋 first for Pig intestine Mee sua! Piping Hot and yumz! Perfect for cold rainy day. We were hungry and forgot to take pictures! T_T

Made our way to Miaokou but it was still really quite early.

We really missed the prawn salad. BUT its a far cry from what we had 2 years ago.. T_T

Side by side comparison! Cries….

And of course Miaokou must eat this!

I still craves. I crave….

I realize I have such few photos of what we ate! The 一口吃香肠, 菱角 and so many more.. oh gosh! We were too busy eating…

Wait while I find a picture of Ling Jiao…

… Google just told me its call Water Caltrop. Looks menacing.


Ciao for now!


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