Neihu Refresh Farm

Sorry for the long hiatus as its really hard to blog about Taiwan when I realized I will be going again in.. from this moment while typing about 11 days. All courtesy of my older sister Cheryl who is determined to drag me and my younger sister Mabel to sisters bonding trip. My thoughts were ‘Huh! Taipei again!????’

I do blame my long hiatus from blogging about the rest of the trip to my husband and I…. we are PROUD owner of a humble HDB flat! Renovation is currently in progress and we could hardly hardly hardly wait! You can guess how busy we were and still are.

I digress…

So hubs and I were back in Taipei from Jiufen that previous day and we woke up again at 7+ am in the morning due to our timely body clock. We were supposed to go Neihu Refresh farm for fruit picking! It was cold in the morning, and hubs made the wise decision to call up the farm. The friendly Ossan told us to come at about 1pm. So we totally Nua and laze around. We decided to have Taiwan’s famous Instant noodle for breakfast and oh goshes and moshes, check that pieces of meat on top of hubs’s┬ásesame chicken noodle!

And my Hua tiao wine instant noodles!

They were so delicious I bought a whole bag of instant noodles back as souvenirs!

I requested to have Taiwan milk tea which I was allergic to tea, or anything with caffeine. That means I will probably take a sip and passed the rest to my hubs.. and he gave me this look..

And realized I took a sneak shot of his expression. There you go!

Screenshot of the website! Address is there! You are welcome!

We took MRT to Dahu, and took a cab up to Neihu Refresh Farm!

Did I mention it was still winter and real chilly.. especially up the hill..

We loooove the smell of fresh air and nature!

There is this beautiful tranquil pond there!

The walk to the reception site! The floor is real slippery!

Check out the beautiful creek!!!! We actually met some fellow Singaporeans there as well!


The Ossan said there are strawberries, tangerine (mikans) and some other in which I forgot. We chose to pick the strawberries which goes by weight and tangerines as well!

Wife is happy!

The ripe, the almost ripe and the unripe.

First 2 picks.

And hubs found a tulip shaped strawbie!

And a odd shaped one!

Hubs so happy with his haul!

Washed one and stuffed his mouth!

Yumz, tart!

We are allowed to eat the tangerines on the spot! And they were in our unanimous opinions, more delicious that the strawberries!

The grove itself is picturesque…

I’m in paradise!!

We chose the big ones!

Yay, managed to get a prize!

MUST try on the spot!

So beautiful eh!

Peeling another one!

Bountiful tree!

Still eating.. and definitely going back again! We called a cab down and made our way to Ximending.

Have to try the famous Ah Zong Mian Xian!

Hit the right spot in this chilly weather! And insist I was still hungry, we went to a beef noodle eatery.

Beef udon.. was ok!

Side dishes!

Beef cubes! I love this!

Shopping.. alas, most of the fashion on sales are winter clothing.

Love the night scene when the lanterns lit up.