Songshan Cultural Park, Eslite and Dabbling in art

I was just back from Taipei like a few days ago. Fell Really Sick! That’s another story altogether but I’m still posting on the previous Taipei trip. That’s how badly I procrastinated. Almost towards the end of the trip.

Before I went, I really had this wanting to try my hands at blowglass art much thanks to the Nora Roberts’ “Born in Fire Series” My favorite of all her books tbh.

So imagine my excitement when I found out I can actually try out my noob hands at creating a piece of glass art albeit with all the help by the instructor.

Had our 7-11 breakfast at 8am plus..


Made our way to Songshan Cultural Park Eslite at 9am in the morning in excitement just to realize the Eslite mall which is connected to the hotel only opens at 11am. Faints.

Arty Farty Graffiti


Eslite hotel connected to the mall.

Luckily for us, we found an awesome cafe that opens at 10am just right outside the vicinity.

Love their hot chocolate.

Slurp~~ Their interior was awesome too with knicks knacks to spend your TWD.

Found another book cafe just inside the cultural park.

1st floor features designer fashion!

2nd floor is where you get to try your hands on different crafts. I tried glassblowing and ceramics.

That’s the student before me. Was so excited!

While waiting for my turn, I saw some others practicing calligraphy! *impressed*

The instructor walked me through the whole process and actually doing most of the work! But I love love love my end product! So chio seh!

My ceramic cup, it has to be baked and sent to me via mail unlike the glass blowing which I could get the next day.

Hub try ceramic painting a teacup! ahahhaa

So focused!

Ciao for now!

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