Approaching 30 – House to a Home

As I sat in my beautiful and humble abode quietly by myself (Its my day off,  Praise the Lord), there’s this unreal feeling. Wait what? Is this really mine?

20s to the 30s, almost ten years of ups and downs. To the road of walking nearer and nearer to my heavenly father, I came to look upon things and issues with a clearer yet non-judging eyes.

From getting to know my husband, from dealing with toxic friendships and moving on from past bygones, from penniless to owning a place and becoming penniless again transforming this house into a home. Boy am I tired? I am.. yet I am not for My God fights for me.


I promise to some I will share the pictures of my home after renovation, alas it is at best 90% completed. I will do indulge with some pics first.

Getting the Keys and The renovation

I started sourcing for an affordable ID since October last year. Using online options like Qanvast, homerenoguru and whats not in my pursuit for an affordable ID. Got quite a few quotations for what I have in mind, King and I insisted meeting up to get across to the IDs what we have in mind and to see and gauge their characters. Pricing is not by far the only main thing I was looking for in my ID. After almost 15 met ups with some IDs brushing us off like ‘Your kind of low budget reno is not worth our effort’ . We pushed on. Finally met up with 2 sincere, patient and reputable IDs ‘Lux Interior’ and ‘Butler Interior‘.

We chose the latter.

Got our keys in March and contacted Alvin from Butler Interior to do a measurement.

Daddy and Hubs happily rolling some pineapples! Dad obviously enjoying himself!



Defect check


After screeding


Choosing of laminates and Kompactplus


Featured wall!


Bedroom platform and Settee


Semi walk in wardrobe and dresser


Installation of lights and fans


wallpaper for the bedroom.

To be continued… I need a nap desperately.

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