A whole year of happenings

I really wanted to blog a few times before, but but but… I have so many so many things to do.

Its being 1 years and 2 months.. Guess where I’m going next month again? Yes! TAIPEI AGAIN! This time with my parents, my husband and my 2 sisters. Triple Combo huh.

I would blog about last Taipei trip with my sisters but I fell terribly ill during that trip. Fortunately, I have my sisters to take care of me while I still bring them around and acting as their tour guide. I will just bring them to a location and sit there feeling sorry for myself while they shop and once in a while check on me lol.

Think I have a few photos of that trip lying around. Be right back, let me check.

Minimal but will suffice…


Ok So once we reach Taoyuan Airport, we took the bus to Taoyuan HSR to Taipei Main Station. We met our Airbnb owner there and he walked us through the stuffs in Airbnb and introduce us to the nearby eateries and such. It was the most convenient place to stay, which is why in upcoming trip, we booked his bigger place for 6 peeeps.

We unpacked and packed our backpack for Onsen at Beitou. This time, I’ve decided to try Beitou Hotspring Resort instead. We took the public indoor onsen which is way better than what we had at Tian Yue Hot Spring.

So both of my elder sis and me were comfy walking around naked at the onsen. Our younger sister were squirmishly funny. Lol.

We hit Tamsui for snacks and really enjoyed ourselves. There was a newly opened 86小铺 at Tamsui and we hit the store for MKUP cosmetics! Here’s my haul. My sisters bought more I think! LOL


Day 2, Monday

I had planned a meetup with 1 of my part time colleague Jenny! She went Taiwan for holiday too with her 2 friends! So we decided to charter a 7 seater car and make our way up to Yeliou, Jiufen and whatsoever.


My colleague!

I was getting a bit feverish due to the sore throat I have but nothing beats my enthusiasm for Jiufen.

We dropped by Yeliou. My sisters and I were not so fond of the Geo Park of rock statues so we decided to just explore the market outside. There were a lot of dried seafood for sale. We had had had to buy the Pork Sausage there since I remembered it was the best sausage ever there at Yeliu for some reason. Then my sisters say Pig Blood soup and there’s no going back.  Simple and Awesome.



We went up to Jiufen after and it was terribly crowded! Knowing the way to my favorite eatery in Jiufen, I lead them down the stairways to the bnb I previously stayed and lo and behold, the cozy eatery right there, their rice wine is really good!

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