Positive Pregnancy

Hey world! Well, guess what!? The pregnancy test, I mean 3 pregnancy test came up positive. I have not officially seen a doc yet but 3? Nvm

So my period was late and I was like not again.. My period had always been irregular, once it was late like for 5 months and when it finally came, I was keeling over with pain and thank goodness it was term break. However this time I can feel all the pms symptoms of incoming menses, the sore boobs, the mood swings, the constant cravings and the cramps so I was sure the menses will come on time. Even went to 7-11 below my workplace to buy some pads. 1 day nothing, took one of the pregnancy test strip and was negative. 2 days, nothings, 3 days nothing,  so 7 days which was last Wednesday, I took the cheapo kind of pee stick, took one glance, dismiss as negative and went out to do my work.

So later in the afternoon, I need to do some big business so went back to my bathroom took a peek at the pee stick and had a double take. 2 solid lines. Then I remembered something about having to read the signs within certain amount of time and did some googling, I dismiss it as false positive. Cramps continue and I was starting to get majorly annoyed.

Friday morning decided to take another pee stick and right away 2 solid lines.. Then I told myself its probably not. Decided to buy one of the expensive pee stick Clearblue.

I had reasons, we’ve been trying for almost 1  years plus and nothing. We’ve seen chinese doc and was told will not be easy for both of us. That’s why Praise the Lord, Doctors don’t have the last say.

I digress, so took the clear blue and a big fat solid positive came up. I was shocked, stunned, speechless and scared. Yes I was. Don’t ask why, I also have no idea why. Showed King and he could not stop grinning.

So, I’m guessing its about 4 weeks since the ovulation but I could not be sure. Will not be publishing this post till a later date.


Fast forward to today~ March 22nd.

Spent the last 2 months puking every single thing I ate, feeding the toilets good stuffs and beverages. All day sickness lasted whole day and I was mostly weak and too exhausted to do much, do anything or be nice. Right hip is killing me with the ache and I’m drowning in contents and curriculum I’m writing for upcoming lessons, camps and whatsoever.

Now I am so looking forward to April trip to Taipei again since Oct trip was canceled.

Hope Baby Raindrop cooperates and don’t give mummy a bad time there. Mum and Dad have been showering me with care and concern considering it was really difficult for me to conceive. Managed to convince mummy to do confinement for me! Muackz! Hubs has been taking care and accompanying me as much as he can. Making hot water for me to drink in the middle of the night. Love you Love!

P.S. will upload Baby Raindrop ultrasound next post!

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